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Chemistry 400 Level Courses

  • Chemistry papers at 400-level are now being run on a modular system. There are four 0.25 EFTS chemistry papers: CHEM421-424 Advanced Topics in Chemistry I-IV. Additionally, BCHM420 can also be taken by BCHM students.

  • CHEM421 Advanced Topics I (Research Methods paper) will comprise of a series of modules of advanced study in contemporary research methodology in the chemical sciences, such as research and professional scientific communication skills including written, visual and oral communication; directed inquiry and problem solving skills; critical analysis and in-depth studies in specific specialised areas of contemporary chemical research.

  • CHEM422-424 Advanced Topics II-IV (Lecture Module papers) will comprise of a series of modules of advanced study in contemporary research areas in the chemical sciences, such as biologically-active organic compounds; toxicology; biochemical processes; enzyme and protein chemistry; molecular recognition; bioinorganic chemistry; organic synthetic methodology; nanotechnology and materials chemistry; inorganic chemistry and catalysis; spectroscopic and structural techniques and analysis; supramolecular and environmental chemistry; polymer chemistry; computational and theoretical chemistry.

  • Each paper CHEM422-424 will consist of any three 10-lecture modules.
    List of Modules Available (reference only) (PDF 161 KB)

  • Chemistry Honours students would normally take all four of CHEM421–424 in addition to CHEM480 (Research Project).

  • Biochemistry Honours students whose projects are based within Chemistry would normally take BCHM420 and CHEM421 (Research Methods paper) in addition to BCHM480 (Research Project).
  • Chemistry Masters and PGDipSci students would normally take all four of CHEM421–424.

Procedure for the assignment of grades for CHEM421–424 and BCHM420

Each student’s module marks will be assigned by the Chemistry Department to one of CHEM421–424/BCHM420 in a way that provides the most benefit to the student.

Provisional CHEM 400 Important Dates for 2015

Dates for 2015 to be confirmed

All 400-Level enquiries should be directed to Dr Sarah Masters:

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  • Department of Chemistry
    University of Canterbury
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