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Emeritus Professor James Coxon


Emeritus Professor

Field of Study

Organic reaction mechanisms, molecular modelling and calpain inhibition


B.Sc. 1962 University of New Zealand; M.Sc.(1st class) 1963; Ph.D. 1965, University of Canterbury. Post Doctoral Fellow University of Southampton, 1966. FNZIC FRSNZ

Contact Details

Fax: +64 3 364 2110

Research Interests


My research concerns:

understanding organic reactions particularly those of value in synthesis. Many of our studies have involved the timing of molecular events and the difference in energy of competing processes including:

  • strained small ring opening and molecular rearrangement
  • factors responsible for facial selection in cycloaddition reactions and reactions at carbonyls
  • use of chiral templates in inducing selection

Molecular Modelling Studies

  • ab initio studies of strained ring rearrangements
  • carbohydrate solution properties
  • macrocyclic conformational problems
  • protein structure

cataract research: A joint project with A/Professor Andrew Abell and colleagues at Lincoln focuses in development of calpain inhibitors.

Representative Publications

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    Fax: +64 3 364 2110
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