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Dr Colin G Freeman


Post Graduate Co-ordinator
Reader in Chemistry


BSc(Hons), PhD(Cant), FNZIC

Contact Details

Fax: +64 3 364 2110
Email: colin.freeman@canterbury.ac.nz

Research Interests


Gaseous ion-molecule processes are studied using a flowing afterglow-selected ion flow tube (FA/SIFT) with dual quadrupole mass spectrometers. Systems under study include examples of relevance to: atmospheric ionospheres; molecular synthesis in interstellar clouds; combustion processes; and to the development of theories concerning fundamental charged particle-neutral interactions.

More recently the FA/SIFT system has been applied to the detection of trace volatile chemicals at the parts per billion (ppb) level in real time.  We have examined and quantified species  in: human breath; the gases emitted by soil samples; and solvent-contaminated room atmospheres.  Many more applications of this method are currently being developed in collaboration with SYFT technologies Ltd (www.syft.com).

Collaborative research (with Australian laboratories) into nanosecond electron pulse-radiolysis of gaseous and solid matrix systems; the excitation of weak luminescence using photochemical techniques; and fundamental spectroscopic properties of water and ice.

Representative Publications

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